In 2010 Little Pete and Scorpion joined the 16084 Chapter of the Widows Sons UK; the association started by Bro Carl Davenport in Chicago around 1999, which had spread across the U.S.A., Canada, UK and into Europe.

Little Pete and Scorpion had heard of the Widows Sons through various means. Scorpion through Selious Scout of 16084 (Suffolk) Chapter of the Widows Sons UK, who was a good friend of Scorpion and had introduced him to Masonary with Naval & Military Lodge in Norwich some years before. Little Pete and Scorpion both being active Master Masons in Norfolk, they decided to form their own Chapter of the Widows Sons in Norfolk. Whereby the Widows Sons Norfolk Chapter was formed and received it Charter on 11th June 2011. Scorpion, Little Pete and Pee Dee became some of the Founder Members of Norfolk Chapter.

Unfortunately shortly after the Chapter was formed, it was in danger of folding due to the fact there was a mass resignation of members of the Widows Sons and Widows Sons UK. Scorpion not wanting to see the Chapter fold decided to take over as President from Little Pete and made a concerted effort to keep the Chapter going by advertising it's presence throughout Norfolk, including posters being displayed and the opening of this website.

During 2012, Scorpion worked hard to get Norfolk Chapter off the ground again and during the year had Budd, Chevy, Retro Dave and Gabriel all join and become new Founding Members. The Chapter was re-issued with its Charter on 18th May 2013. The chapter can now go from strength to strength and welcomes any applications from prospective members.

Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association (England) is a charitable organisation and in keeping with true Masonic principles, we are not an MC, MCC or 1% club; we are not seeking to become a MC, MCC or 1% club.