Full membership is available to Master Masons of good standing and Associate membership is available to non-riding Master Masons.

All full active members must own and ride a legally licensed motorcycle of at least 500cc, they must also hold a valid motorcycle licence and must comply with all laws governing the operation of the vehicle. (the minimum capacity rule does not apply to classic motorcycles).
A meeting of the officers of the Widows Sons will then examine the Masonic status of the candidate and if a favourable opinion is formed of his dedication and service to the brotherhood, he may be enrolled in the association.
The joining fee is £60.00
Annual subscription is £20.00 (Due April 1st of each year)(Waived in year of joining)
The cost of the Vest Patches and badges is included in the joining fee.
Please include your "Road Name" this is a small badge on the front of the vest (this cost does not include the Vest itself).
New members who join will have the first years subscription fee waived until the next April.

Joining fee (One off payment)


Subscription (Yearly)(Waived in joining year)

Total Due on joining £60.00


Vest Patches and Badges

Included in joining fee